Email Alerts

While the markets are in session, we track the progress of stocks on our watchlists in real time. If a stock starts to break out (or break down) by rising (or falling) to its breakout (or breakdown) price we send you an email to alert you. This email includes, as well as our CANTATA stock evaluation, a projection of the end-of-day volume based on the volume to the time the alert is issued. You then decide if you want to take a position in the stock.

At the time the alert is issued, the breakout (or breakdown) is unconfirmed. At the end of the session, if the price stayed above (or below) the breakout price and the volume met the volume target for the chart pattern (usually 1 1/2 times the 50 day average volume), then we consider the breakout (or breakdown) confirmed and report it as such in our daily end-of-day email report.

Here is an example of a recent cup-with-handle alert.