Our Mission and Who We Are

Breakoutwatch.com was founded in 2001

Our Mission

In "How to Make Money in Stocks" 3rd edition, p 124, William O'Neil says "One of the most important price patterns looks like a cup-with-handle". He also identifies the high tight flag, flat base and double bottom patterns as very important.

The O'Neil method recommends focusing on fundamentals to find stocks that are worth buying and then to select an appropriate entry point from chart analysis. The problem with this approach is that even if you use tools that select shortlists based on fundamentals, you can still be left with several hundred stocks whose charts need to be reviewed for a valid entry point.

Our mission is to make this process more efficient by automatically selecting stocks that are technically ready to break out and to bring them to our subscribers' attention daily. These stocks are potentially about to move higher, and if they do so on strong volume, then they may make significant gains in the following weeks and months.

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We are continually improving our pattern recognition algorithms and intend to add additional patterns in the future.

Due Diligence Tools

A secondary goal is to provide you with tools to begin your due diligence on the stocks on our watchlists, and to add to these tools over time.

Mike Gibbons, B.Sc.

Mike GibbonsMike Gibbons is the owner of Proactive Technologies, LLC dba breakoutwatch.com, and an Internet consulting business in Maui, Hawaii: Proactive Technologies, LLC.

Mike has been a resident of the US since 1984. He has extensive experience in designing and developing database driven computer systems for the financial services industry gained as a CIO of a large Financial Services Company and as an MIS Director for a big 4 accounting firm based in New York. Mike holds a B.Sc. in Physics, from Melbourne University, Australia. In addition to his financial systems experience, Mike has also been involved in several multi-million dollar cost-benefit analysis projects, including the "Chunnel", requiring sophisticated computer modelling, monte carlo simulation and econometrics. Mike also spent 9 years in Paris at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as head of their systems development unit responsible for econometric modelling and statistical analysis.

Mike is dedicated to the ongoing development of this site which has seen many improvements since its inception and is always undergoing revision and enhancement. Mike is married with two sons. If he's not at his desk working on the next round of enhancements, then he's either on his road bike climbing Mt. Haleakala, or windsufing the waters of Maui.

Josephine Moyes

Jo MoyesMike is assisted by his wife, Josephine (Jo) who handles the accounts.