Email Alerts

While the markets are in session, we track the progress of stocks on our watchlists in real time. If a stock starts to break out (or break down) by rising (or falling) to its breakout (or breakdown) price we send you an email to alert you. This email includes, as well as our CANTATA stock evaluation, a projection of the end-of-day volume based on the volume to the time the alert is issued. You then decide if you want to take a position in the stock.

At the time the alert is issued, the breakout (or breakdown) is unconfirmed. At the end of the session, if the price stayed above (or below) the breakout price and the volume met the volume target for the chart pattern (usually 1 1/2 times the 50 day average volume), then we consider the breakout (or breakdown) confirmed and report it as such in our daily end-of-day email report.

Here is an example of a recent cup-with-handle alert.

Breakoutwatch Alert for XOM
This symbol was identified by our price model as potentially closing above its breakout price.

This information is copyright It is for the use of our subscribers only and may not be redistributed in any way. This alert is computer generated based on real-time streaming quotes. Occasionally this can contain incorrect tick data. Please verify any quote or volume information before acting on this alert.

Important Note: Alerts are now sent when the breakout price is met regardless of volume. We no longer use projected daily volume as a criteria for sending an alert. Click the Intraday Chart Link for the latest price and delayed volume.
Intraday Chart: Intraday Chart for XOM
Alert Time: 16:13:29 EST
Company Name: Exxon Mobil Corporation
Stock is Optionable: Yes
Watchlist (click for chart pattern): CWH
Relative Strength Rank:95
CANTATA Score (click for detail):13.47
Alert Price:$91.680
Breakout Price: $89.80
Squeeze Signal: y
The 5% maximum price:$94.29
Pivot Height as % of left cup 98.14
Average Daily Volume:30,952,688
Minimum Break Out Volume:46,429,029
Technical Strength (CET): 5.97 (max. score 7)
Fundamental Strength (CEF): 7.50 (max. score 11)
Zone:4 - 3
Industry:Oil & Gas Integrated
Industry Rank:5
Expected Gain (CwH list only):N/A%
Current Volume (15-20 min. delayed):43,387,237
Volume Today: 43,387,237
We are in no way recommending you buy this or any other stock. We are merely providing a service that alerts subscribers when a stock has reached the pivot price on projected 150% of average daily volume.

If you buy this or any other stock, it is highly recommended that a stop-loss order be entered upon execution of any purchase.

This service is a computer generated screening service to help users identify chart patterns and the alert service notifies users of breakouts from those chart patterns. It in no way suggests, recommends, advises or predicts that those stocks are worthy investments or will be profitable.

This service does not provide any guidance in timing sell points. CANTATA stocks are often very volatile and risky. Therefore it is essential that any investor who follows this system has a thorough understanding of the
sell criteria defined by the CANTATA method/system.