Investor Tools

In addition to the stock and industry analysis tools that allow you to do your due diligence, we have several tools that allow our subscribers to select stocks that match their desired profile and/or test trading strategies.

Personal Watchlists
allow you to receive email alerts only on stocks that are on your personal watchlist(s).
Watchlist Filters
allow you limit your email alerts to only those stocks that meet your technical and/or fundamental criteria.
Trend Reversal Signals
Our proprietary trend reversal signal (TRS) algorithms advise you of changes in market and stock trends in a timely way.
Stock Timeliness Checkup
This tool tells you if you should be short or long in a particular stock.
Cup-with-Handle Backtest
This tool allows you to do sensitivity analysis on cup-with-handle breakouts. You enter your stock selection criteria and trading rules and the tool analyses how that strategy has performed in the past. Here are two examples of using this tool. By default the backtest will run for 12 months but you can extend the period by changing the start date.
Suggested Strategies
We are fundamentally an information service in that we provide data and statistics for stocks that are in the chart patterns we follow. As a purely information service, we don't pick stocks or advise on what to buy or sell. However, we do have the backtest tool, and this allows us to develop strategies for the investor/trader who can follow the markets in real time, and for the investor trader who cannot. These strategies are called 'Buy on Alert' and 'Buy at Open'. They are described at Suggested Strategies