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Our Test Drive will alert you in real-time when stocks on our watchlists are breaking out. An email is sent to your desktop and/or mobile device when the breakout price is reached intra-day.
Here is a sample of 5 top-rated stocks on our latest cup-with-handle watchlist

SymbolRS RankBreakout

Our watchlists are updated daily for trading during the next session. During that session we monitor price and volume in real-time and send alerts when a breakout occurs so you can buy at the most advantageous price. The number of breakouts in any session depends on market momentum so on some days there will be more alerts than others.

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Our proprietary stock analyis methodology is an extended version of CAN SLIM ®. We call it CANTATA meaning: Strong Current earnings, sustained Annual growth, New highs, Technical Analysis and Timing Assistance. Comparison with CAN SLIM®.

You can try it now by entering a symbol in the box below. It allows you five free analyses in each 24 hour period.

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Find stocks with the potential for big gains brings you 'tomorrow's breakouts today' by providing watchlists of stocks ready to breakout (or breakdown) tomorrow from the most promising bullish (and bearish) chart patterns. When they do, we will alert you so you can open a position at the most advantageous time. Whether you’re a full-time trader, or work and just want to build a stronger portfolio this site can help you.

You’ll get:

These factors will improve your profits and save time researching trading candidates.


What do members think?
"Your site and the information it contains is a game changer in my quest for better returns! I use those two lists (cup-with-handle and Squeeze Play) everyday to determine what to buy and sell. "
C. C., Alexandria, VA
"I have been researching for 6 months many,many stock system sites from very expensive to cheap and yours blew me away.You found a niche and filled it perfectly.You have a great site and a lot of bang for the bucks we pay."
D. A., San Diego, CA
"You are always on top of new ideas to refine the O’Neil CwH thesis. I have been a subscriber for many years and have used BOW for my education and trading profits."
G. M., Sacramento, CA,
"I'm a lazy investor, so I rely on to find breakout stocks for me, but *I* decide which ones to buy. I have a gold subscription and it's worth it to me, even with the limited use I'm giving it."
J. M., Washington, DC
"I believe in your philosphy of turning the standard CAN SLIM™ method on it's head and concentrating on technical patterns and breakouts primarily and then fundamentals second. With IBD™ my watchlist too often included overextended stocks."
G. Z., Madison, WI
“BOW is a great tool, and I use it to help me decide which breakouts to buy for my portfolio. I don’t have to worry day-to-day as I set my sell alerts and check-in every few weeks to see if any of the criteria has changed. Pretty simple.”
G.D., Chicago, IL
"As a new subscriber, I spent 3-4 total hours understanding the benefits of "all" the features listed in the Learning Center. Never completely understood them until implementing with a few small completed trades. Got additional confidence by reading many conversations in the Breakoutwatch forums and answers from Mike to my specific questions. Then I discovered 'Tradewatch' which became the generator for my confidence and success strictly following the guidelines resulting in a 12% average with 8 completed trades in Jan. 2013."
J.T., Portland, OR

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