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07/24/24  Investors continue turn to value and small-caps 
07/23/24  Investors continue turn to value and small-caps 
07/19/24  Investors continue turn to value and small-caps 
07/12/24  Rotation benefits small-caps 
07/10/24  Exceptionally narrow advance continues on falling interest rates 
07/09/24  Exceptionally narrow advance continues on falling interest rates 
07/05/24  Exceptionally narrow advance continues on falling interest rates 
07/03/24  Small-caps and tech stocks outperform in quiet week 
07/02/24  Small-caps and tech stocks outperform in quiet week 
06/28/24  Small-caps and tech stocks outperform in quiet week 
06/27/24  Small-caps and tech stocks outperform in quiet week 
06/26/24  Stocks advance as gains appear to broaden 
06/25/24  Stocks advance as gains appear to broaden 
06/24/24  Stocks advance as gains appear to broaden 
06/21/24  Stocks advance as gains appear to broaden 
06/14/24  Market’s narrow advance continues 
06/07/24  Major benchmarks end mixed as longer-term bond yields fall 
05/31/24  Growth shares lead stocks lower 
05/24/24  Nasdaq hits new records while Dow suffers worst week since early April 
05/17/24  Large-cap indexes move back to record highs 
05/16/24  Stocks climb back toward record highs on light volumes 
05/13/24  Stocks climb back toward record highs on light volumes 
05/09/24  Late rally lifts small-caps back into positive territory for 2024 
05/03/24  Late rally lifts small-caps back into positive territory for 2024 
04/30/24  Stocks break losing streak 
04/19/24  Stocks break losing streak 
04/18/24  Inflation disappoints on the upside in U.S. and on the downside in China 
04/16/24  Inflation disappoints on the upside in U.S. and on the downside in China 
04/04/24  Stocks close out strong quarter with gains 
03/28/24  Stocks close out strong quarter with gains 
03/27/24  Stocks close out strong quarter with gains 
03/07/24  Stocks end mostly higher following favorable inflation news 
03/01/24  Stocks end mostly higher following favorable inflation news 
02/21/24  Benchmarks mixed as small-caps and value shares outperform 
02/14/24  S&P 500 Index breaches 5,000 for first time as narrow advance continues 
02/09/24  S&P 500 Index breaches 5,000 for first time as narrow advance continues 
02/08/24  Large-cap benchmarks hit new highs, but small-caps struggle 
02/07/24  Large-cap benchmarks hit new highs, but small-caps struggle 
02/06/24  Large-cap benchmarks hit new highs, but small-caps struggle 
02/02/24  Large-cap benchmarks hit new highs, but small-caps struggle 
02/01/24  Large-cap indexes move to records 
01/31/24  Large-cap indexes move to records 
01/19/24  Equities end with narrow advance as investors adjust rate cut expectations 
01/12/24  Stocks resume advance as earnings season kicks off 
01/10/24  Stocks start 2024 on a down note 
01/05/24  Stocks start 2024 on a down note 
12/29/23  Stocks end mixed to close out strong year 
12/22/23  Nasdaq 100 and Dow advance further into record territory 
12/15/23  Dow hits record high in broad advance 
12/08/23  Stocks end mixed as small-caps continue their comeback 
11/28/23  Stocks build on gains in light trading week 
11/22/23  Stocks build on gains in broad advance 
11/17/23  Stocks build on gains in broad advance 
11/14/23  Stocks’ winning streak comes to an end 
11/04/23  Stocks see best gain since November 2022 on falling yields 
11/03/23  Stocks see best gain since November 2022 on falling yields 
10/31/23  Stocks see best gain since November 2022 on falling yields 
10/27/23  Tech giants announce mixed results 
10/26/23  Macro and geopolitical concerns nearly push Nasdaq back into bear market territory 
10/12/23  Stocks mixed as earnings season kicks off 
10/06/23  Stocks end the week mixed following Friday’s surprise jobs data 
09/29/23  Key measure of U.S. inflation decelerates 
09/28/23  Fed surprises with higher-for-longer forecast 
09/14/23  Rising Oil Prices Boost Value Stocks 
09/11/23  Good news for the economy remains bad news for stocks 
09/07/23  Stocks rise on easing inflation fears 
08/21/23  Stocks retreat for third consecutive week 
08/18/23  Stocks retreat for third consecutive week 
08/07/23  U.S. government’s credit rating downgraded 
08/04/23  U.S. government’s credit rating downgraded 
07/20/23  Retail sales increased modestly in June; initial jobless claims decline 
07/07/23  Stocks move lower in quiet trading  
07/03/23  Favorable macro backdrop helps end solid quarter on solid note 
06/30/23  Favorable macro backdrop helps end solid quarter on solid note 
06/23/23  Stocks break winning streak 
06/16/23  Rally continues on calming inflation fears 
06/14/23  Rally continues on calming inflation fears 
06/09/23  S&P 500 enters bull market 
06/02/23  Investors shrug off debt ceiling agreement 
05/22/23  Stocks briefly break out of trading band in narrow advance 
05/19/23  Stocks briefly break out of trading band in narrow advance 
04/06/23  Benchmarks end mostly lower in light trading  
03/31/23  Stocks post solid gains  
03/24/23  Index returns vary widely as small-caps join the Dow in negative territory for 2023 
03/03/23  Stocks regain lost ground 
02/24/23  Stocks suffer biggest decline in 10 weeks 
02/17/23  Stocks end mixed on data surprises 
02/10/23  Benchmarks give back a part of the previous week’s gains 
02/03/23  Stocks build on their year-to-date rally 
01/27/23  Stocks rise on “soft landing” hopes 
01/13/23  Stocks continue good start to 2023 
11/12/22  NASDAQ Closes Above 50 Day Average after 8.1% Weekly Gain; Breakouts Surge 
11/05/22  Mega Cap Stocks Continue to Weigh Heavily On the NASDAQ  
10/29/22  A Strong Week for Breakouts with 33 Gaining > 5%; Industrials Preferred over Technology 
10/22/22  NASDAQ Gains 3%: Have we Seen the Bottom? 
10/15/22  NASDAQ Closes Below Support 
10/08/22  June Support Level Holds Giving a Positive Start to the month 
10/01/22  NASDAQ Testing June Low but Support Unlikely 
08/06/22  NASDAQ Continues to Climb; 28 Breakouts Gain >= 5% 
07/30/22  NASDAQ Gains 4.7%; 81 Breakouts Rise at Least 5% 
07/23/22  Trend Signals Turn Positive as NASDAQ Gains 3.3% 
07/09/22  NASDAQ Breaks Out from Head and Shoulders Bottom 
06/25/22  NASDAQ Gains 7.5% Led By Mega Caps; Friday a Possible FTD 
06/11/22  NASDAQ will Test Support Next Week 
06/04/22  Pessimistic Recession Comments Undercut Positive Economy; Also see New Feature 
05/21/22  Breakout Opportunities Persist Despite Rally not confirmed by Follow Through Day;  
05/14/22  Friday was Possibly Day 1 of New Rally 
05/07/22  Recession Fears Dominate; Volatility Provides Breakout Opportunities from the Volatility Squeeze Pattern 
04/30/22  No Relief in Sight as FOMC Meets May 3-4 
04/23/22  Fed Tightening Slams NASDAQ 
04/09/22  Long Term Rates Push NASDAQ Below 200 day Moving Average; Subscription Increase May 1 
04/02/22  NASDAQ Doji Shows Indecision Fueled by Yield Inversion 
03/26/22  Trend Indicators Turn Positive; 68 breakouts with 6 > 5% Gain 
03/19/22   NASDAQ Follow Through Day; 80 Breakouts Exceed 5% Gain 
03/05/22  Strong Breakout Performance this Week Despite Geopolitical Risks 
02/26/22  New Average True Range Breakout Watchlist - See New Features 
02/12/22  Bearish Double Top Bodes Ill for Major Indexes 
02/05/22  NASDAQ Gains 2.4% but Too Early to Celebrate 
01/29/22   Dead Cat Bounce; Follow Through Day for AAPL 
01/22/22  NASDAQ Loses 7.6% on Earnings and Inflation Fears 
01/15/22  Cup and Handle Stocks Perform Well Despite Market Conditions 
01/08/22  NASDAQ Testing Support Levels. Beta Android App Released 
12/18/21  NASDAQ in Bearish Head and Shoulders Top Pattern 
12/11/21  Cup and Handle Pattern Returns to Leadership Role 
12/04/21  Trend Signals are Negative 
11/20/21  NASDAQ Closes at Another New High Led by Mega Cap Techs 
11/13/21  Inflation Fears Temporarily Hurt Markets 
11/06/21  Revised CWH Price Model gives 80% Breakout Success (See Strategy Suggestions) 
10/30/21  NASDAQ Sets New Intraday and Closing High; ASYS Breakout Analysis 
10/23/21  Recent Recovery Creates More Breakout Opportunities 
10/16/21  NASDAQ Gains 2.2% on Earnings, Retail sales, Inflation News 
10/09/21  New Feature: Chart of the Day 
10/02/21  Even in a Downturn Breakouts can Give Big Returns 
09/25/21  NASDAQ Shrugs Off China Contagion Fears and Investors Buy the Dip 
06/26/21  Breakouts Surge as NASDAQ and S&P 500 make New Highs 
06/19/21  Markets Fear that Effects of Reopening May have Peaked 
06/12/21  NASDAQ Back in Favor as Inflationary Fears Subside 
05/22/21  NASDAQ Recovering from Bearish Head and Shoulders Top Pattern. Trend Indicators are Negative 
05/08/21  280 Breakouts This Week; 62 gain more than 5% 
05/01/21  This week, 37 Breakouts Gained over 5% Despite Market Consolidation 
04/24/21  Market Consolidation Creates Many Breakout Opportunities 
04/17/21  Volatility Squeeze Breakouts Continue to Outperform Cup and Handle 
04/10/21  65 Breakouts Last Week as NASDAQ Outperforms the DJI and S&P 500 
03/27/21  NASDAQ Recovering from March 5 Low 
03/19/21  NASDAQ Trend Continues Down; Markets Concerned over 10-year Treasury Yield 
03/13/21  Breakouts Average 6.6% This Week. Trend Turns Positive for DJI and S&P 500 
03/06/21  Trend Models Turn Negative but Quick Return to Positive Likely. New Intraday Chart Feature 
02/27/21  NASDAQ Retreats as Long Term Rates Rise 
02/20/21  Number of Breakouts Falls as Consolidation Continues 
02/13/21  HTF Alerts gain an Average of 13% 
02/06/21  Breakouts gain 7.8% on Average; Stocks Likely to Breakout Tutorial 
01/30/21  Market Turmoil Hurts Investors Despite Positive Earnings Reports 
01/23/21  Volatility Squeeze Stocks Outperfom with 4.8% Average gain 
01/17/21  NASDAQ Retreats from New High in Face of Pandemic Surge, Increasing Unemployment and Threats of Violence 
01/09/21  Breakouts Gain 8.6%; Top Breakout 94%; NASDAQ Gain 2.4%; Bug Fixes 
01/02/21  Major indexes Set New Highs; 32 Cup and Handle Breakouts Avg. 11.8% for year 
12/26/20  Happy Holidays: 41 Breakouts this Week! 
12/19/20  Cup and Handle Breakouts Deliver an 8.5% Gain; Stocks Likely to Breakout Tutorial 
12/11/20  Cup and Handle Breakouts Average 8% Gain as Major Indexes Stall 
12/05/20  50 Stocks Meet their Breakout Price + New Predictive Model 
11/28/20  79 breakouts as Indexes Set Record Highs 
11/21/20  Breakout Volume No Longer Required for "Breakout" Designation 
11/14/20  Breakouts Average 7.9% Gain; NASDAQ Retreats in Favor of Value and Cyclical Socks 
11/07/20  Trend Indicators Turn Positive; 34 Breakouts Deliver Average 7% Gain 
10/31/20  Grimm Prospects on Halloween 
10/24/20  NASDAQ Continues in Cup and Handle Pattern 
10/17/20  NASDAQ Forms Cup and Handle as Indexes Consolidate 
10/10/20  Breakouts Average 6.9% as Trend Indicators Turn Positive 
10/03/20  Major Indexes Positive for the Week and Breakouts Average 5% Gain 
09/26/20  NASDAQ Gains for the Week but Trend Indicators Still Negative 
09/19/20  Sector Rotation out of Large Cap Tech Creates Breakout Opportunities 
09/12/20  Market Signals Turn Down for the Three Major Indexes 
09/05/20  Watchlists Display Restored; NASDAQ finds Support at 50 DMA 
08/29/20  NASDAQ Gains 3.5%; Are we in a Bubble? 
08/15/20  Why We Focus on the NASDAQ for Potential Breakouts 
08/08/20  Thirty One Breakouts This Week Average 5.8% Gain 
08/01/20  Breakouts Average 5% Gain as NASDAQ Advances 3.7%. Cup and Handle Pattern Breakouts Dominate 
07/25/20  Market Trends Still Positive, but for How Long? 
07/11/20  New Buy at Open and Buy on Alert Guidelines 
06/27/20  Tutorial: Using Intraday Chart to Buy After Alert Issued 
06/20/20  Breakouts Surge to 25 as NASDAQ Gains 3.7% 
06/13/20  Number of Breakouts Falls as Markets Consolidate 
06/06/20  Breakouts Average 6.1% for the Week. NASDAQ Recovery Almost Complete. 
05/30/20  Market Conditions Favor Cup and Handle Pattern and Volatility Squeeze Breakouts 
05/23/20  New Feature: Alert Only if Breakout Volume Reached 
05/02/20  NASDAQ Retreats and Forms Cup and Handle Pattern 
04/25/20  Market Trends Still Positive Despite Major Index Retreat 
04/18/20  Trend Signals Turn Positive for Major Indexes 
04/11/20  Trend is Still Down Despite Record Week for Markets 
04/04/20  Market Bottom Not Confirmed 
03/28/20  Patiently Waiting for a Follow Through Day 
03/14/20  Wait for Market Bottom to Be Confirmed Before Going Long 
03/07/20  Market Trend Negative Despite NASDAQ Flat Finish 
02/29/20  How to Recognize a Market Bottom 
02/22/20  Breakout Gains for the Week Exceed 8% Despite Profit Taking 
02/15/20  New Highs and 25 Breakouts Delivered Average 5% gains  
02/01/20  Trend Indicator For DOW Turns Negative, NASDAQ and S&P Positive for Now 
01/25/20  Profit Taking after Health Fears; Volatility Squeeze Tutorial 
01/18/20  Cup and Handle Breakouts Average 7% Gain,Volatility Squeeze Averages 5% 
01/11/20  Breakoutwatch Weekly Summary 01/11/20 
12/21/19   Markets Deliver a Christmas Bonus 
12/14/19  New Record Highs. TGTX Double Breakout Tutorial 
12/07/19  Good Week for Breakouts. Strategy Suggestions: Real Time Alerts Tutorial 
11/30/19  Major Indexes Make New Highs Again 
11/16/19  New Highs for Major Indexes; Breakout Count Jumps to 18; Volatility Squeeze Analysis 
11/09/19   NASDAQ Sets Another New High. Breakouts Average a 7% Gain 
11/02/19  NASDAQ and S&P 500 Set New Record Highs. Volatility Squeeze Breakouts most Successful 
10/26/19  Cup and Handle Breakouts Average 9.4% for Week 
10/19/19  Trend Signals are Up; NASDAQ Bearish Double Top Canceled; New Industry Rankings 
10/12/19  NASDAQ Bearish Double Top Continues 
10/05/19  Trend Indicators Turn Negative; Revised Industry Classification 
09/28/19  NASDAQ Crashes Through a Bearish Double-Top Support Level 
08/10/19  High Volatility Delivers Strong Breakouts but Trend is Down 
07/27/19  Set Trailing Stops with our Trailing Stop Calculator 
07/20/19  Geopolitical Tension and Rate Cut Expectations Disappoint Markets 
07/13/19  Volatility Squeeze Breakout Backtest Available Again - Possible 84% gain in 2019 
07/06/19  Number of Breakouts Reduced as Volumes Dip During Holiday Week 
06/29/19  Cup and Handle Pattern Stocks Dominate Breakouts:Volatility Squeeze Breakouts Post Best Returns 
06/22/19  Our NASDAQ Trend Indicator Turns Positive; Number of Successful Breakouts Leap 3 Fold 
06/15/19  NASDAQ Composite Trends Down; Caveat Emptor 
06/08/19  NASDAQ Surges and Cup and Handle Breakouts Return Average 6.2% 
06/01/19  Bearish HST Confirmed; Recession Fears Increase.  
05/25/19   NASDAQ Teeters on Bearish Head and Shoulders Top Completion 
05/18/19  Market Signals Turn Negative; NASDAQ forms Possible Head and Shoulders Top 
05/10/19  NASDAQ Bounces Off Support Level. Upward Trend Continues Except for DOW 
04/27/19  New NASDAQ High Brings Improved Breakout Performance 
04/06/19  NASDAQ Approaches All-time High. BOOM Delivers 18% Gain 
03/30/19  Tepid Volume Limits Breakout Performance 
03/23/19   NASDAQ Retreats as US and World Economies Show Weakness 
03/16/19  Strong Breakouts Return as NASDAQ Surges 
03/09/19  Economic Outlook Stymies New Breakouts 
03/02/19  Volatility Squeeze Breakouts Average 8.4% Gains 
02/23/19  Buy At Open Strategy Launched 
02/16/19  New Strategies Under Development - Continued 
02/09/19  Cup and Handle Breakout Strength Continues; New Strategies Under Development 
02/02/19  36 Breakouts Confirm Rally is Back 
01/26/19  Test Email 
01/19/19  Breakoutwatch Trend Indicators Confirm Market Rally 
01/12/19  Stronger Performance by Long Position Breakouts 
01/05/19  Trend Indicators Still Negative as Volatility Constrains Long and Short Position Breakouts 
12/22/18  Our Breakdown Alerts Averaged 10% Gain as NASDAQ Drops 8.2% 
12/15/18  Possible Head and Shoulders Bottom for the NASDAQ 
12/08/18  NASDAQ Likely to Test Support at 6830 (Neg. 15.8%) 
12/01/18  Increased Volatility Favored Volatility Squeeze Breakouts 
11/10/18  A Good Week for Breakouts but Volatility Suggests Taking Profits Early 
11/03/18  Trend Indicators Remain Negative Despite Strong Week for the Markets 
10/27/18  Stay on the Sidelines until Upward Trend Returns 
10/20/18  NASDAQ Falls after an Early "Follow Through Day" 
10/13/18  Hammer Doji Suggests Possible Reversal, be Patient Until at Least Monday's Close 
10/06/18  Two New Watchlist Filters 
09/29/18  Smartphone Beta; Volatility Squeeze Breakout Example 
09/22/18  NASDAQ Slips due to New Sector Creation 
09/15/18  DISCA Breakout Epitomizes Desirable Cup and Handle Pattern Behavior 
09/08/18  NASDAQ Could Test Support Next Week After Heavy Selling Volume 
08/25/18  NASDAQ Closes at a New High but Volume Level Constrains Breakouts 
08/18/18  Cup and Handel Breakouts Delivered an Average 10% Gain this Week 
08/17/18  Breakoutwatch Weekly Newsletter 
08/11/18  Several Strong Breakouts Despite Signs of Investor Indecision 
08/04/18  Over 20 Breakouts as NASDAQ Recovers 
07/28/18  Technology Stocks Under Pressure; Rare DB and Volatility Squeeze Breakout 
07/21/18  NASDAQ Consolidation Begins as Selling Volume Increases 
07/14/18  NASDAQ Consolidation Likely; How to Search our Database  
06/09/18  Three Factors will Influence Trading Next Week 
06/02/18  A Solid Employment Report Lifts Markets after a Turbulant Week 
05/26/18  NASDAQ Trends Higher Despite Geopolitical Uncertainty 
05/19/18  Doji Patterns and Falling Volume Imply Market Direction Uncertainty 
05/12/18  NASDAQ Breaks Out and Market Trends Turn Positive 
05/05/18  Trend Indicators Remain Down as NASDAQ Meets Resistance at 50 day Average 
04/28/18  NASDAQ Still Threatens Bearish Head and Shoulders Top + ATR Bands  
04/21/18  Trend Signals Reverse and NASDAQ Threatens a Correction 
04/14/18  Volume Required for Confirmed Breakout Revised to 150% of 50 day Average 
03/24/18  Use Average True Range to Improve Profits 
03/17/18  Trailing Stop Calculator 
03/10/18  Volatility hasRisen: Use ATR to Set Trailing Stops 
03/03/18  Double Blind-side Hurts Breakouts 
02/24/18  Trend Indicators Turn Positive Although Volumes Remain Below Average 
02/17/18  Market Signals Remain Negative 
02/10/18  Volatility Returns. Adjust Trailing Stops Accordingly. Watch Market Signals 
02/03/18  Profit Taking Inevitable After PE Ratio's Above Most Historic Highs 
01/27/18  New Buy at Open Indicator 
01/20/18  Buy at Open Strategy Gained 30% YTD 
01/06/18  New Breakout Prediction Model, New Trading Suggestions and New Breakout Criteria 
12/23/17  EPS Trend Data Available Again 
12/16/17  Breakoutwatch Newsletter for 12/16/2017 
12/09/17  High Tight Flag Watchlist Available Again 
12/02/17  Data Reliability Has Been Compromised but Corrections are In Place 
11/18/17 Weekly Report 
11/04/17  Four Breakouts Exceed 10% Gain as Markets Continue to Rise 
10/28/17  Cup and Handle, Volatility Squeeze Patterns Dominate Breakouts; Revised Strategy 
10/21/17  Tax Reform Critical to Continued Upward Trend 
10/14/17  New EPS Filter Suggestion 
10/07/17  New Watchlist Filter + Can the Upward Trend Continue? Yardeni Says Yes 
09/30/17  New Highs, Strong Breakouts and Relative Strength Rank Explained 
09/23/17  Number of Breakouts Continues to Increase 
09/16/17  22 Successful Breakouts this Week as the Markets Make New Highs 
09/09/17  Markets Weatherthe Storm 
08/19/17  Volatility Squeeze Pattern Outperforms Cup and Handle 
08/12/17  MarketTrend Still Positive - GDOT Breakout Example 
08/05/17  Strong upward moves in Handle Portend Strong Breakout 
07/01/17  Tech Stocks Out of Favor 
06/18/17  Study Handle Action for Cup and Handle Pattern Likely Breakouts 
06/10/17  New FEature: Stocks Making New Highs 
06/03/17  NASDAQ Sets Another New High 
05/27/17  Stocks Hitting New Highs Reduces Breakout Opportunities 
05/20/17  Markets Tremble but Trend Indicators Remain Positive 
05/13/17  NASDAQ Reaches New HIgh but Trump Rally Over 
05/06/17  Cup and Handle Breakouts Deliver 4.4% Average Gain this Week 
04/29/17  Trend Indicators Return to Positive Reading 
04/22/17  Positive Week for Markets but Trend Remains Down 
04/15/17  NASDAQ Downturn Confirmed 
04/08/17  Markets are Flashing Amber 
04/01/17  NASDAQ Sets up a Possible Head and Shoulders Top 
03/25/17  Retreat on Low Volume Indicates Trump Rally Faltering 
03/18/17  Volatility Squeeze Breakouts Top Breakout Leader Board 
03/11/17  MOMO Strong Breakout Met our Criteria 
03/04/17  Breakoutwatch Subscriber Earns 168% Profit in 1 Day 
02/19/17  Breakouts Delivered 4.5% Gain Last Week  
02/11/17  High RS Rank Stocks Dominate Breakouts 
02/05/17  Climate for Growth Stock Breakouts Continues to Improve 
01/28/17  Buy at Open Strategy for those Who Cannot Monitor the Market in Real Time 
01/21/17  Significantly Revised Cup and Handle Trading Strategy 
01/07/17  New Year begins with Volatility Squeeze Breakouts 
12/17/16  Focus on the High Tight Flag Pattern 
12/03/16  Top Rated Cup and Handle Stocks as of Friday December 02, 2016  
11/26/16  A Theory of Why Prices are Rising while Volume is Falling 
11/12/16  A Surprising Week Delivers an Average 8.7% in Breakout Gains 
10/29/16  Dangers in Going Long Increase as Trends Continue Down and Election Uncertainty Mounts 
10/23/16  Market Signals Turn Down but Prospects Bright 
10/08/16  Markets Flat Ahead of Earnings Season 
10/01/16  New Technical Indicators 
09/24/16   Low Volume Levels Limit Stock Breakouts 
09/17/16   Major Indexes Return to Bullish Trend 
09/10/16  Immediate Interest Rate Rise Unlikely though Markets Tumble 
09/03/16  DJI Trend Indicator Gives Downturn Warning 
08/20/16  NASDAQ Continues to Consolidate Recent Gains 
08/13/16  A 30 day trial of is now FREE 
04/30/16  Major Index Trend Turns Down 
04/09/16  Number of Successful Breakouts Trending Down 
04/02/16  New Feature this week: Top 10 cup and handle stocks to watch next week 
02/27/16  New Volatility Squeeze Trading Suggestions 
02/13/16  How to Recognize a Market Bottom 
01/23/16  Revised Rules for Trading Cup and Handle Breakouts 
01/09/16   How to Find Top Rated CAN SLIM ® Stocks 
12/12/15  Caution Advised as Breakoutwatch Trend Model Turns Down 
12/05/15  Search our Database to Find Quality CAN SLIM® Stocks 
11/21/15  Many Cup and Handle Breakouts Expected Next Week 
10/31/15   New Breakout Alert Monitoring Features 
10/17/15  Breakoutwatch to be More Responsive 
10/10/15  Prepare for the Many Breakout Alerts Expected Next Week 
10/03/15  New Suggested Strategies for Optimum and Maximum Breakout Returns 
09/26/15   Tips for getting the most out of our site How to Recognize EPS Trends and Find Next Reporting Date 
09/19/15  Use our Trend Indicator Tool on any Stock Symbol 
09/12/15  Market Conditions Favour Volatility Squeeze Breakouts  
08/29/15   Subscription Rates reduced 30%. Test Drive for Just $4.95. 
08/22/15  Breakoutwatch Pricing Restructuring Imminent 
08/15/15  Above Average Volume Again Proves Value in Identifying Strong Performance 
08/08/15  Use Above Average Volume Filter to Identify Possible Strong Breakouts 
08/01/15  Mea Culpa: Do Not Day Trade Based on Close Up Prediction 
07/25/15  Cup and Handle Stocks Expected to Move Up - New Motif 
07/18/15  New Prediction Model for Cup and Handle Watchlist Stocks 
07/11/15  Two Potential Breakouts to Watch Next Week 
06/27/15  Updated Recommendations for Trading Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Breakouts 
06/20/15  Definitive Proof of the Importance of Above Average Volume Before Breakout 
06/13/15  Announcing the Breakoutwatch Blog 
06/06/15  New Watchlist Filter Forecasts Strong Breakouts 
05/30/15  Volatility Squeeze PatternDominates Succesful Breakouts 
05/16/15  FREE! Get Top Cup and Handle Pattern Stocks on our Home Page 
05/08/15  Lessons from a High Volume Handle in a Cup and Handle Pattern 
05/02/15  Use Limit Orders when Buying at Open 
04/25/15  Revised Recommendations for Trading Cup and Handle Patterns 
04/11/15  Breakouts from a Cup and Handle Pattern with Volatility Squeeze Provide Best Breakout Day Pop 
04/04/15  How to Recognize a Head and Shoulders Top Bearish Pattern 
03/28/15  No Optimal Cup Depth for Cup and Handle Patterns 
03/21/15  Moderate Handle Depth Gives Best Breakout Day Gain for Cup and Handle Patterns 
03/14/15  Breakoutwatch Strategies for New (and old) Subscribers 
03/07/15  A Tutorial on the Interpretation of RS Rank 
02/28/15  How to Find Cup and Handle breakouts with a 90% Chance of Success 
02/21/15  High Tight Flag: Rare but is it Profitable Compared to Cup and Handle? 
02/07/15  Our Modified Version of CAN SLIM® will Lead you to more Profitable Breakouts with Less Risk 
01/31/15  High RS Rank Breakouts Give Highest Probability of Success 
01/24/15  How Often are ETF's Breakout Candidates? 
01/17/15  Despite Swiss Franc Shock Markets are Likely to Recover 
01/10/15  V-Shaped Bottoms provide Profitable Breakout Opportunities 
01/03/15  Eight High Tight Flag Stocks to Watch 
12/27/14  NASDAQ Closes the Week at a New 14 Year High 
12/20/14  Focus your Due Diligence on High RS Cup and Handle Stocks 
12/13/14  Big Short Term Profits come from Volatility Squeeze Breakouts 
12/06/14  How to Trade Cup and Handle Stocks for Optimal Returns 
11/29/14  Cybermonday Special Offer 50% off Platinum Subscription 
11/22/14  Focus Like a Laser on Higher Returns 
11/15/14  NASDAQ Delivers More Breakouts and Higher Returns 
11/08/14  Breakouts Remain Strong as NASDAQ Consolidates 
11/01/14  Number of Breakouts Jumps to 36 for the Week 
10/25/14  NASDAQ Recovers on Weak Volume, Trend Still Down 
10/18/14  NASDAQ Trend Reversal In Doubt 
10/11/14  NASDAQ Closes Below 200 DMA 
10/04/14  NASDAQ Faces Resistance at 50 DMA Level 
09/27/14  Chart Quality and Breakout Performance 
09/20/14  Breakoutwatch as a Tool for the CAN SLIM Investor 
09/13/14  Getting the Most from's Technical Analysis Charts 
09/06/14  Influence of Pivot Position and Performance After Breakout 
08/30/14  NASDAQ Consolidates Ahead of "September Swoon" 
08/23/14  NASDAQ Breaks through Resistance Despite Low Summer Volume 
08/09/14  SqueezePlay Breakouts Better for Swing Traders 
08/02/14  Fewer Breakouts as NASDAQ Closes Below 50 ADV 
07/26/14  New Feature: Historical Volatility for Options Trading 
07/19/14  The Volatility Edge in Options Trading the Cup with Handle and Squeeze Combination 
07/12/14  Chart Lesson: Cup and Handle vs High Tight Flag 
07/05/14  Markets Give Reason to Celebrate 
06/28/14  WUBA Cup and Handle Chart Breakout Analysis 
06/21/14  Video of Trading Cup and Handle Options Webinar now Available 
06/14/14  Why the Cup and Handle with Squeeze works for Options Trading 
06/07/14  Interpreting the Cup with Handle Squeeze Off Probability 
05/31/14  Webinar: Trading In-The-Money Options from the Cup-with-Handle Watchlist 
05/24/14  NASDAQ Trend Turns Up and Breakouts Too 
05/17/14  Introducing Squeeze Play Extra 
05/10/14  Important Strategy Revisions 
05/03/14  Volatility Squeeze 
04/25/14  Suggested Reading for New Breakoutwatch Subscribers 
04/19/14  Recognizing a Head & Shoulders Bottom 
04/12/14  Squeeze Breakout Directional Options Trading 
04/05/14  Probability of being 'In the Money" on Squeeze Play Alert 
03/29/14  NASDAQ falls but Poised for Recovery 
03/22/14  How to Anticipate Squeeze Play Breakouts 
03/15/14  If You're Good, You're Right 6 times out of 10 
03/08/14  Squeeze Can Work on any Cup Formation 
03/01/14  Trading "Squeeze Off" Cup with Handle Breakouts 
02/22/14  "Squeeze Off" Cup-with-Handle Breakouts 
02/15/14   Cup-with-Handle + Squeeze Play Combo 
02/01/14  Squeeze Play Backtest Results 
01/25/14  Trade with Caution while Consolidation Continues 
01/18/14  NASDAQ Consolidation Likely 
01/11/14  Introducing Squeeze Play 
12/14/13  NASDAQ Composite Threatens Head and Shoulders Top 
12/07/13  Real Time Alerts Include Squeeze Flag 
11/30/13  Breakouts Surge in November 
11/23/13  More on Handle Squeezes 
11/16/13  When is a breakout alert actionable with confidence? 
11/09/13  Squeeze Indicator Enhancements and Preliminary Results 
11/02/13  Resend: New Indicators: Keltner Channel and Squeeze Indicator 
10/26/13  Should you Consider Our Tradewatch Tool? 
10/18/13  Optionable Stocks Watchlist Filter and Alerts 
10/12/13  New Breakout Criteria and Suggested Strategy 
10/05/13  NASDAQ Up Despite Shutdown, CCIH Breakout, Our Data and Charts 
09/28/13  NASDAQ Steady but Trend Change Ahead 
09/21/13  Suspend Investing Until The End of the Month 
09/14/13  Breakoutwatch Trend Indictors Point Up 
09/07/13  Strong Breakouts, New Support Forum and RS Rank Strategy 
08/31/13  Major Index Trends are Down but Consolidating 
08/24/13  New Stock Analysis Tool 
08/03/13  NASADQ Breaks out to New High 
07/27/13  Market Consolidates; The Importance of RS Rank 
07/13/13  New Essential Features; Recognizing a Textbook Cup-with-Handle 
07/06/13  NASDAQ Trend Reverses to the Upside 
06/29/13  When to take Breakout Profits 
06/22/13  Fractal Trend Reversal Signals 
06/08/13  BoW Mobile App Improvements 
06/01/13  Slope Technical Indicator Added to BoW Charts 
05/25/13  Market Overreacts and Trend Signals Turn Down 
05/18/13  NASDAQ Surge Contiues 
05/11/13  NASDAQ on a Tear but watch for Consolidation Ahead 
05/04/13  New Strategy Suggestions 
04/27/13  NASDAQ Trend Turns Positive as Daily Volume Increases 
04/20/13  Using Our Trend Indicators will Improve your Returns 
04/13/13  NASDAQ Recovers but Trend Signals Stays Down 
03/23/13  Market Trend Signals Turn Down 
03/09/13  Breakoutwatch Server Move Next Weekend 
03/02/13  the Importance of Trailing Stops 
02/23/13  NASDAQ Dead Cat Bounce? 
02/16/13  Buy at Open Strategy 
02/09/13  EPS Filters and Backtest Results 
02/02/13  More EPS Trend Enhancements 
01/26/13  New EPS Trends Tool 
01/12/13  Future Earnings more Important than Earnings Acceleration 
01/05/13  New AmEX Breakout Alert Filter 
12/22/12  Using Filters to Ensure only Targeted Alerts 
12/15/12  Understanding When Stocks Appear/Disappear on CwH Watchlist  
12/08/12  Zack's Watchlist Revived 
12/01/12  New Breakoutwatch Alert Monitor Features 
11/24/12  Market Up Trend Continues but Faces Resistance at 50 DMA 
11/17/12  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
11/10/12   Optimum Hold Time and Best Volume to ADV Ratio 
11/03/12  Using the Stock Timeliness Checkup Tool 
10/27/12  Breakoutwatch Announces Free Facebook App 
10/20/12  NASDAQ Trend Remains Negative 
10/13/12  More Backtest Results - New Recommendations 
10/06/12   MTC Breakout Returns Disappoint - New Recommendation 
09/29/12  NASDAQ Finds Support but Trend Still Down 
09/22/12  NASDAQ Trend Remains Negative 
09/15/12  Trend Model & New Subscription Rates 
09/08/12  NASDAQ on Verge of 10 year High 
09/01/12  Propects for a NASDAQ Breakout Improve 
08/25/12  DJI Trends Down as Major Indexes Meet Resistance 
08/18/12  Bullish Prospects for Breakouts 
08/11/12  NASDAQ Uncertainty and a Personal Note 
08/04/12  NASDAQ'a Upward Trend Weakening 
07/28/12  European QE Expectations Reverses NASDAQ Trend 
07/21/12  NASDAQ's Bearish Head and Shoulders Top 
07/14/12  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
07/07/12  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
06/30/12  NASDAQ Rallies but Can it Hold? 
06/23/12  Market Volatility Offers Breakout Profits 
06/16/12  Trading Breakouts on 8 day EMA Redux 
06/09/12  Trading Breakouts on 8 day EMA 
06/02/12  NASDAQ Testing 200 DMA Support 
05/19/12  Breakoutwatch Short Candidates and Short ETF's 
05/12/12  NASDAQ only Index to Maintain Positive Trend 
05/05/12  2nd Chance Breakouts Have Lower Risk 
04/28/12  Three Successive Accumulation Days for NASDAQ 
04/21/12  Performance of Breakouts that pull back to Support 
04/14/12   Performance of 'Second Chance' Breakouts - Part 2  
04/07/12  Performance of 'Second Chance' Breakouts - Part 1 
03/31/12  New Service - Strategy Backtesting 
03/24/12  NASDAQ Consolidating Huge YTD Gains 
03/17/12  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
03/10/12  NASDAQ to Test 3,000 Level 
03/03/12  Changes in real-time price feed effective Monday 
02/25/12  Doji Patterns Show Market Uncertainty 
02/18/12  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
02/11/12  Why Resistance Becomes Support and Vice Versa 
02/04/12  NASDAQ Breaks Through Resistance 
01/21/12  Recommended Cup with Handle Trading Strategy in Current Market Conditions 
01/14/12  More on the Importance of Volume 
01/07/12  Intraday Chart Enhancements and the Importance of Volume 
12/31/11  New Intraday Chart Features 
12/24/11  Santa Delivers Real Time Intraday Charts 
12/17/11  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
12/10/11  More about Trading in a Volatile Market 
12/05/11 Site Access Problems 
12/03/11  Trading Cups-with-Handle in a Volatile Market 
11/27/11  Breakoutwatch Thanksgiving Special Offer Extended 
11/26/11 Thanksgiving Special Offer 
11/19/11  Super Committee Potential Impact and Restricting Email Alerts 
11/12/11  After Europe, Super Committee Deadlock is Next Threat 
11/05/11  New Stock Trend Reversal Signals 
10/29/11  Record Weekly Breakouts End Record Rally 
10/22/11  Bear Market Rally for NASDAQ? 
10/15/11  NASDAQ trend reversal bear market rally 
10/08/11  Stock Timeliness Checkup Tool Drawdown Calculation 
10/01/11  Using the Stock Timeliness Checkup Tool for Short Positions 
09/24/11  Using the new Trend Reversal Signals 
09/17/11  New Trend Reversal Indicators 
09/10/11  Look to Breakdowns for Best Profits 
09/03/11  NASDAQ Double Bottom Fails 
08/27/11  Too Soon to Re-enter theMarkets 
08/20/11  Breakoutwatch Weekly Newsletter 
08/13/11  NASDAQ Meets H&S Top Target 
08/06/11  NASDAQ Completes H&S Top - Further 17% Downside Potential 
07/30/11  Stocks that Meet our Target Criteria Perform Better 
07/23/11  Major Indexes in CwH Handle 
07/16/11  Head & Shoulders Top Target Success Rates 
07/09/11  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
07/02/11  Strength of NASDAQ recovery Surprises 
06/25/11  Zacks Performance Update and Head & Shoulders Top Performance 
06/18/11  Beware of Stop Loss Orders 
06/11/11  Breakdowns Offer the Best Potential for Returns 
06/04/11  Possible Further 5% Decline for NASDAQ Comp  
05/28/11  NASDAQ Turns Up but Remains Constrained 
05/21/11  NASDAQ in Correction; Trend Reversal Progress Report 
05/14/11  NASDAQ in Equilibrium (Almost) 
05/07/11  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
04/30/11  New Filter for Stocks Near 50 DMA 
04/23/11  Breakoutwatch Weekly Newsletter 
04/16/11  Downward Trend Reversal Signal Progress 
04/09/11  High Frequency Trading 
04/02/11   Follow Through Day Follow Through 
03/26/11  Do Follow Through Days Predict Downward Trend Reversal? 
03/19/11  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
03/12/11  NASDAQ Composite Risks an 8% Correction 
03/05/11  Zacks Strong Buy Breakouts Back in Favor 
02/26/11  Update: Lessons Learned from Trading based on the CwH Backtest Tool 
02/19/11  NASDAQ Approaches Inflection Point 
02/12/11  Stocks - The New Asset Bubble? 
02/05/11  Understanding Daily Email Alerts 
01/29/11  Rising Volatility Suggests Caution 
01/22/11  Shortsales Dominate Upside Breakouts 
01/15/11  Understanding MTC Limitations 
01/08/11  Value of Industry Filter Confirmed 
01/01/11  Happy New Year from Breakoutwatch 
12/18/10  NASDAQ Meets Resistance 
12/11/10  Preliminary Industry Filter Results are Promising 
12/04/10  Why Buy Stop Orders are Flawed 
11/27/10  Breakoutwatch Special Expires Midnight EST Sunday 
11/20/10  Breakoutwatch Thanksgiving Special and Transaction Costs 
11/13/10  Breakoutwatch MTC Progress Report 
11/06/10  Breakoutwatch on a Budget 
10/30/10  Breakoutwatch Weekly Newslette 
10/23/10  Understanding Email Alerts 
10/16/10  Bernanke Inflation Target will Deliver New Bull Market 
10/09/10  QE 2, MERS, Where Breakouts Proliferate 
10/02/10  More Upside as Fed 'Promises' More QE 
09/25/10  Limiting Alerts When Markets Gap up on Low Volume 
09/18/10  New Feature: Real Time Volume Filters 
09/11/10  Where we Differ from and Agree with CAN SLIM® 
09/04/10  Need More Volume to Confirm Bullish Trend 
08/28/10  Beware the Bull Trap 
08/21/10  Important Indexes Continue to Trend Down 
08/14/10  Revised Market Trend Indicators 
08/07/10  Technical Indicators Show Promise but Economy Struggles 
07/31/10  Uncertainty Produces Mixed Market Signals  
07/24/10  NASDAQ Rallies and Breakouts Outperform 13 Week Average 
07/17/10  Summer Rally Ends as Consumer Confidence Ebbs 
07/10/10  Confirmed Rally is Suspect 
07/03/10  More Bearish Signals for the S&P 500 
06/26/10  New Watchlist Filter and Video 
06/19/10  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
06/12/10  Two Proven Strategies Investment Strategies for Individual Investors 
06/05/10  New Buy at Open Recommendations 
05/29/10  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
05/22/10  How long Should you Hold a Breakout? 
05/15/10  New Research Shows Optimum Target Gain 
05/08/10  NASDAQ Corrects Over 10% 
05/01/10  Head and Shoulders Top Indicates a Mild Market Correction 
04/24/10  New Watchlist Monitor Using Google Finance 
04/17/10  Tips for New Subscribers 
04/10/10  NASDAQ Stocks Face Resistance 
04/03/10  Some Easter Eggs for Newsletter Subscribers 
03/27/10  Using Personal Watchlists Video 
03/20/10 Weekly Newsletter 
03/13/10  Minimum Breakout Day Volume Optimization 
03/06/10  New Cup-with-Handle Analytical Tool 
02/27/10  Cup-with-Handle Backtest Preliminary Results 
02/20/10  New Features get Thumbs Up 
02/13/10  Recommendations for Selecting High Performance Breakouts 
02/06/10  Further Analysis of Factors Affecting Performance After Breakout 
01/30/10  More RS Rank Analysis 
01/23/10  Zacks Rank 1 Update 
01/16/10  The Importance of RS Rank on Breakout 
01/09/10  Volume Requirements for Successful Breakouts 
01/02/10 Weekly Reveiw 
12/26/09 Weekly Reveiw 
12/19/09  Growth Stocks Upward Trend Slows 
12/12/09  A winning strategy: HTF breakouts and Zacks Strong Buy (ZSB) 
12/05/09  Breakout Choices for Busy Investors  
11/28/09  3 days left! Breakoutwatch Special Offers Expire November 30 
11/21/09  NASDAQ Shows 10% Correction Possible 
11/14/09  How to Pick Winning Breakouts in this Market 
11/07/09  NASDAQ Signals Short Term Buying Opportunity 
10/31/09  Russell 2000 Trends Down, Other Indexes May follow 
10/24/09  Amid Market Uncertainty, High Tight Flag Flies High 
10/17/09  NASDAQ Consolidation Advises Caution 
10/10/09  Rally Likely to Continue as Earnings Season Proceeds 
10/03/09  NASDAQ Will Test Support Levels Next Week 
09/26/09  Short Period of Consolidation Ahead 
09/19/09  High Tight Flag Breakouts Outperform the Rest 
09/12/09  New Free Trial Option 
09/05/09  Markets Shake Off Indecision 
08/29/09  High Tight Flag Flies High 
08/22/09  Rally Confirmed After Consolidation Feared 
08/15/09  How to Use CE Zones for Best Performance 
08/08/09  Major Indexes Set New Highs and Trend Signals Turn Positive 
08/01/09  Breakouts with High RS Rank Outperform the Rest 
07/25/09  Special Market Rally Pricing Until July 31 
07/18/09  Bullish NASDAQ good for Breakouts 
07/11/09  Revised ZSB Results Deliver over 60% Compound Annual Returns 
07/04/09  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
06/27/09  Breakouts Gain 7% for Week 
06/20/09  No Breakouts Indicates New Caution Among Investors 
06/13/09  Enigma Revealed: Why one Portfolio Position Outperforms Several 
06/06/09  Revised Zacks Strong Buy Strategy Yields 117% Compound Annual Return 
05/30/09  NASDAQ Sets New High for the Year 
05/23/09  Zacks Strong Buy Breakout Alerts Launch Next Week  
05/16/09   New Watchlist - Zacks Strong Buy  
05/09/09  Breakouts Surge on Rising Confidence 
05/02/09  New Feature: Chart of the Week 
04/25/09  NASDAQ Continues to rally and Breakout Performance Improves 
04/18/09  NASDAQ Breaks out from Double Bottom 
04/11/09  How to Get Breakout Alerts by Industry 
04/04/09  Breakouts Still Rare but up 50% 
03/28/09  NASDAQ, Russell 2000 Trend Up but Bull Trap Set? 
03/21/09  GOLD Breaks Out, NASDAQ hits Resistance, Possible Monday Rally 
03/14/09  Can NASDAQ breakout from Double Bottom Base? 
03/07/09  New Watchlist Formats 
02/28/09  Short ETFs Breakout and Suggest New Shorting Opportunities 
02/21/09  NASDAQ breaks down from Descending Triangle 
02/14/09  Bearish Outcome for NASADQ more Likely 
02/07/09  15 breakouts this week; NASDAQ Positive for year 
01/31/09 Now on iPhone 
01/24/09  Take Profits Early and Often 
01/17/09  Rally Provides Short Term Buying Opportunity 
01/10/09  New Screening Tools 
01/03/09  Markets Gain Over 6% for Week 
12/27/08  Tax Deductible Bonus Weeks Offer Renewed 
12/24/08  In Celebration 
12/20/08  Small Cap Breakouts Show Promise 
12/13/08  Bull (Bear?) Market Rally Needs Volume 
12/06/08  Major Indexes Complete H&S Bottom 
11/29/08  Confidence Mounts on Five Day Rally 
11/27/08  Thanksgiving Bonus for Subscribers 
11/22/08  New Home Page and Login Function 
11/15/08  Market volatility remains high 
11/08/08  Overall Downward Trend is not Broken 
11/01/08  New Stock timing tool and market trends 
10/25/08  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
10/18/08  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
10/11/08  Are we near the bottom? 
10/04/08  Market Unconvinced by Bailout Plan 
09/27/08  Proposed Bailout Plan Opposed by Voters and Economists 
09/20/08  Oustanding Week for Breakouts 
09/13/08  Fed Convenes Lehman Brothers Meeting 
09/06/08  New Personal Watchlist Features 
08/30/08  Breakoutwatch Weekly Review 
08/23/08  Market Consolidates on Lighter Volume 
08/16/08  NASDAQ in Confirmed Rally 
08/09/08  Breakouts Increase as Market Strengthens 
08/02/08  70% of Breakout Alerts Sucessful in July 
07/26/08 Weekly Review 
07/19/08  Using Filters to Find Top Quality Breakouts in a Bear Market 
07/12/08  Market Downturn & Pullback Analysis 
07/05/08  Breakoutwatch Weekly Newsletter 
07/03/08 July 4 30% Special Offer 
06/28/08 Weekly Newsletter 
06/21/08  NASDAQ Market Signal says exit 
06/14/08  Breakouts Outperform while Markets Under Distribution on Above Average Volume 
06/07/08  S&P 500 in Bearish Head and Shoulders Pattern, NASDAQ Weakens 
05/31/08  NASDAQ Continues Rally 
05/24/08  NASDAQ Finds Support While S&P 500 Collapses 
05/17/08  NASDAQ Crosses 200dma and Confirms Rally 
05/03/08  S&P 500 and NASDAQ Break Through Resistance 
04/25/08  Number of Successful Breakout Alerts hits 88% 
04/19/08  New Bull Market or Bear Market Rlly? 
04/12/08  Short ETF's Can Limit your Risk 
04/05/08  S&P 500 Nearing a Double Bottom Breakout 
03/29/08  Gravestone Doji Signals Probable End to Rally 
03/08/08  NASDAQ Composite Tests January Support Level 
03/01/08  January Lows to be Tested Next Week 
02/23/08  Controversial Late Rally Allows Positive Weekly Close 
01/11/08   Significance of Volume in High Tight Flag Breakouts 
12/29/07  High Tight Flag Performance, Special Promotion 
12/22/07  BreakoutWatch Year-End-Promotion & High Tight Flag 
12/15/07  Industry Analysis 
12/08/07  Why the Market Model Still Says 'Exit' 
11/30/07  Unilateral Pairs Update 
11/24/07  No Newsletter Due to Thanksgiving Holiday 
11/17/07  Head and Shoulders Top 
11/10/07  No Tip this Week 
11/03/07  Head & Shoulders Bottom Performance 
10/27/07  CANTATA Evaluator (CE) and Comparison to CAN SLIM (R) 
10/20/07  Market Signal Revisited 
10/13/07  The Primary Chart Pattern - the Cup-with-Handle and associated metrics 
10/06/07  What is a breakout? 
09/30/07  Technical Strength more important than Fundamentals in the Current Market 
09/22/07  Performance of 'Second Chance' stocks 
09/15/07  Comparison of Successful Alerts to Alerts Issued - Revised with Performance Results  
09/08/07  Comparison of Successful Alerts to Alerts Issued 
08/18/07  Day and Swing Trading Provides Best Results in a Volatile Market 
08/11/07  Unilateral Pairs Trading - Some Interesting Results 
08/04/07  A New Tool for these Volatile Times - Unilateral Pairs Trading 
07/28/07  Go to Cash 
07/21/07  Market Signals and TradeWatch Performance 
07/14/07  Efficient Market Hypothesis vs Technical Analysis 
06/30/07  Stay in Cash During the Holiday Week 
06/23/07  Go to Cash Until the Bear Stearns Situation is Resolved 
06/16/07  The Best Filters for Recent Market Conditions 
06/09/07  Daily and Weekly Market Commentary Objectives 
05/26/07  How the Market Model Works 
05/19/07  Technicals More Important Than Fundamentals for Breakouts 
05/12/07  The Importance of Volume 
05/05/07  How to find 50 dma pull backs 
03/31/07  Server Upgrade Planned for Next Weekend 
03/24/07  How to use Short at Open Cover Prices 
03/17/07  Short at Open progress Report 
03/10/07  Why there were fewer breakouts this week 
03/03/07  Short Sale Strategies 
02/24/07  New Service Level - Bronze 
02/17/07  Picking Winning Stocks in the Current Market 
02/10/07  Using the Expected PSAR value for the Next Session's Trading 
02/03/07  Sell Assistant Options Consistent with Portfolio Simulation 
01/27/07  No Tip This Week - Working on New Development 
01/20/07  Market Signals Revisited 
01/13/07  Technical and Fundamental Factors Influencing Maximum Gains 
01/06/07  Which Industry Rank Measure is Most Significant? 
12/16/06  Performance Comparison Between Bases 
12/02/06  Minimum Price and Volume Considerations 
11/25/06  No Tip This Week 
11/18/06  Buy on Breakout Question 
11/11/06  Breakout Gaps, Portfolio Simulation of day and swing trades 
11/04/06  Tradewatch Day Trade Strategy gives 77% Return 
10/28/06  How to understand and use email alerts 
10/14/06  Industry Analysis Changes Coming Soon 
10/07/06  More additions to tradewatch portfolio simulation 
09/30/06  Correction to TradeWatch Simulation 
09/23/06  Portfolio Simulation back to 2003 gives 750% Return 
09/16/06  Tradewatch Simulation Enhancements 
09/09/06  Tradewatch Portfolio Simulation 
08/26/06  Head and Shoulders Bottom on Beta Test 
08/12/06  Breakdown Day Volume not Significant in Head and Shoulders Breakdowns 
08/05/06  Head and Shoulders Breakdown Alerts Go Live 
07/29/06  Head and Shoulders Backtest Analysis 
07/22/06  Introducing Head and Shoulders Chart Patterns 
07/15/06  Introducing CANTATA 
07/08/06  Position Sizing and Risk Management 
07/01/06  Use BaseWatch to find stocks rebuilding bases 
06/16/06  Subscriber's Strategies 
06/09/06  Short Sales 
05/27/06  Market Signals Effect on Sell Assistant Performance 
05/13/06  Market Model Revisited 
05/06/06  Letting Winners Run - RS Rank Back Test Results 
04/28/06  Letting Winners Run - Work in Progress 
04/15/06  Understanding Sell Signals from the Sell Assistant 
03/25/06  Fine Tuning Filters through Backtesting 
03/18/06  New TradeWatch List - Buy at open 
03/11/06  Update on Combining Expected Gain and the Sell Assistant 
03/04/06  Combining the Sell Assistant with Expected Gain to Earn Over 100% Return 
02/18/06  Improved Sell Assistant 
02/11/06  Using Market Signals for ETF Trading 
02/04/06  How to Stay Connected 
01/28/06  Using our service when you don't have real time access to the markets 
01/21/06  Updated TradeWatch Documentation 
01/14/06  Should you sell an unconfirmed breakout? 
01/07/06  Sell Assistant Update 
12/17/05  TradeWatch 
12/10/05  Sell Model Release Delayed 
12/03/05  When to Sell 
11/20/05  Breakoutwatch for Traders 
11/12/05  Using New Metrics to Significantly Improve Returns 
11/05/05  Introducing VADVR 
10/29/05  Introducing PVI 
10/22/05  New HQ improves ability to recognize breakout attempts 
10/15/05  Using Bollinger Band 'Bands' to detect trend reversals and sell signals 
10/08/05  Market Model Refresher 
09/24/05  The 8% Stop Loss Rule 
09/10/05  Finding promising Stocks Among Technically Failed Breakouts 
08/27/05  Sell Signals and Bollinger Bands 
08/20/05  Alert Monitor Enhancements 
08/13/05  New Alert Monitor 
08/06/05  Backtesting on Breakout and After Breakout 
07/30/05  Stock Selection Based on Breakout Results 
07/23/05  RS Rank over 85 has best gains 
07/16/05  Using Technical Analysis Charts 
07/09/05  Using Handle Quality to find Stronger Breakouts 
07/02/05  Filter Competition Results 
06/25/05  Filter Logical Operators 
06/18/05  Filter Optimization 
06/11/05  Watchlist Shortcuts 
06/04/05  Technical Condition vs. Fundamental Strength Update 
05/28/05  Finding Stocks with Strong Earnings 
05/21/05  Personal Watchlists 
05/14/05  Anatomy of a Cup-with-Handle Chart Pattern 
05/06/05  Choosing Breakouts that give the best returns 
04/30/05  Technical Condition Outweighs Fundamental Strength in Breakout Success 
04/23/05  Handle Action Provides Guide to Strong Breakouts 
04/16/05  Interpreting Short Interest 
04/09/05  Understanding the CANTATA Evaluator 
04/02/05  Search Our Database to Find Quality Stocks 
03/26/05  How to use ShortsaleWatch Alerts 
03/19/05  High Pivots Produce 80% Success Rate 
03/12/05  High Handle Breakout Performance 
03/05/05  Referral and Affiliate programs 
02/26/05  Receiving Breakdown Alerts 
02/19/05  ShortsaleWatch Preview 
02/12/05  Finding stocks in improving industries that have an entry point 
02/05/05  Improving Risk/Reward Ratio on BreakoutAlerts 
01/29/05  Industry Analysis Progress 
01/22/05  Getting the Most out of Industry Analysis 
01/15/05  Where did that Stock Go? 
01/08/05  Interpreting Market Signals 
01/01/05  Using Industry Analysis to Fine Tune Returns 
12/25/04  No Tip due to Holidays 
12/10/04  Using Breakoutwatch to find Weinstein Stage 2 Bases 
12/04/04  Using BaseWatch to find quality stocks building their bases 
11/27/04  Using filters to find quality charts with high expected gain 
11/20/04  Use the market to help you decide when to buy or sell 
11/13/04  Alerts on stocks with poor fundamentals 
11/06/04  Limiting the amount of email alerts you receive 
10/31/04  Using expected gain to improve returns