Dear Subscriber,

Some of you may have experienced problems when trying to access and/or over the weekend.

The domain registration expired on Saturday and we were immediately alerted by the domain registrar that the site would not be accessible.

We then tried to process a payment through the registrar's payment system but that was out of service. Phone calls to the registrar were answered but they were unable to get their technical support to resolve the problem immediately. Consequently we were unable to renew the domain registration until their payment system was back online which wasn't until Sunday morning Hawaii time. By that time the internet's domain name servers across the country (and world) had been notified that the ip address for had been changed and users were directed to a page telling them that the domain had expired.

By mid-day on Sunday most mainland domain name servers had been updated with the real ip address  and so most of you would have had access by Sunday afternoon, although here in Hawaii at 5pm I still cannot access the server.

If you are still having trouble reaching our servers, please use the ip address for each server as follows:

For :

We regret and apologize for any inconvenience  or confusion you may have experienced trying to access our site. We will be extending everyone's subscription by one day in compensation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mike Gibbons