Weekly Newsletter 03/30/12
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Market Summary Weekly Breakout Report Top Breakout Choices Top 2nd Chances New Features Tip of the Week
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 Weekly Commentary  

The NASDAQ Composite set a new 10 year high on Monday after Fed Chairman Bernanke promised continued low interest rates but has been in retreat since as concerns over the unresolved European sovereign debt crisis re-emerged.  Our equivolume chart shows how downward momentum (price x volume) increased this week.

NASDAQ Equivolume

However, this may only be the consolidation we have been expecting after the NASDAQ's stellar Q1 performance. The five year chart shows that  we may see 3200 before a real correction begins. Whether or not we get to that level will depend on continued economic and job-market expansion despite escalating energy costs and the threat of war with Iran.

NASDAQ 5-yr weekly 
 New Features this Week Additional Value that we added this week
No new features this week.

This Week's Top Tip Tips for getting the most out of our site
New Service - Strategy Backtesting

Do you have a strategy in mind that you think will be profitable but don't have the tools or time to evaluate it?

If so, I have an offer for you. Tell me about it and I will evaluate it for you. If it appears profitable, I will then build a custom screen that alerts you when to apply your strategy.

This service is free to Gold and Platinum subscribers. If you are not yet a Gold or Platinum subscriber then tell me about your strategy anyway and if it interests me, perhaps I'll do it for you anyway.

For example, a subscriber asked me to run a screen each week looking for stocks where the 20 week weighted moving average crossed the 50 week weighted moving average. He now gets a report each week of stocks meeting those criteria with links to their chart and CANTATA evaluation.

Below is an example of this weeks report. The 'Up' stocks are potential long candidates and the 'Down' stocks are potential short candidates.

Let me know what I can do for you - its free!

Up and Down Crossovers as of 03/30/12

DirectionSymbolLast 20 WMALast 50 WMAThis 20 WMAThis 50 WMAChartCANTATA
UpACW7.797.897.927.87Chart for ACWCANTATA for ACW
DownAH24.6524.6324.2324.43Chart for AHCANTATA for AH
UpANGI15.5715.6415.915.77Chart for ANGICANTATA for ANGI
DownARLP72.8772.7671.5972.25Chart for ARLPCANTATA for ARLP
UpATE12.2612.4612.6912.55Chart for ATECANTATA for ATE
UpAVHI9.8910.0310.210.05Chart for AVHICANTATA for AVHI
UpAVNR2.822.862.92.87Chart for AVNRCANTATA for AVNR
UpBGC29.5529.6729.6229.54Chart for BGCCANTATA for BGC
UpBLDP1.331.341.351.34Chart for BLDPCANTATA for BLDP
UpCAJ45.0745.1545.3645.24Chart for CAJCANTATA for CAJ
UpCAMT2.282.32.312.3Chart for CAMTCANTATA for CAMT
UpCCCLU3.753.793.793.78Chart for CCCLUCANTATA for CCCLU
UpCCG10.7410.8210.8610.84Chart for CCGCANTATA for CCG
DownCCO11.7311.5711.3711.42Chart for CCOCANTATA for CCO
DownCELL9.729.619.549.56Chart for CELLCANTATA for CELL
UpCFN25.0625.125.1625.1Chart for CFNCANTATA for CFN
UpCH17.317.4317.5317.46Chart for CHCANTATA for CH
UpCI44.6144.7345.1144.87Chart for CICANTATA for CI
UpCPB32.632.6532.7232.69Chart for CPBCANTATA for CPB
UpCRDN31.0531.1131.2531.08Chart for CRDNCANTATA for CRDN
UpCSCD3.763.873.93.89Chart for CSCDCANTATA for CSCD
UpCVM0.370.380.390.38Chart for CVMCANTATA for CVM
DownDAKT9.789.759.699.71Chart for DAKTCANTATA for DAKT
UpDGICB16.5316.6216.6716.66Chart for DGICBCANTATA for DGICB
UpDWRE26.8226.9327.127.04Chart for DWRECANTATA for DWRE
UpENI19.0119.0919.1619.11Chart for ENICANTATA for ENI
UpESGR98.1798.1998.2898.17Chart for ESGRCANTATA for ESGR
UpEXG8.858.868.878.84Chart for EXGCANTATA for EXG
UpEXH11.8511.9512.0411.93Chart for EXHCANTATA for EXH
UpEZPW29.5629.6229.9129.71Chart for EZPWCANTATA for EZPW
UpFC8.9999.039.02Chart for FCCANTATA for FC
UpFE43.6743.7743.8643.85Chart for FECANTATA for FE
UpFXCM10.6510.8210.9110.9Chart for FXCMCANTATA for FXCM
UpGEF49.4250.0150.1550.12Chart for GEFCANTATA for GEF
UpGLO11.3111.3711.3711.36Chart for GLOCANTATA for GLO
UpHNH11.7511.9312.0312.02Chart for HNHCANTATA for HNH
UpHRC34.0134.0234.0233.92Chart for HRCCANTATA for HRC

 Market Summary Overview of market direction and industry rotation
Index Value Change Week Change YTD Trend
Dow 13212 1% 8.14% Down
NASDAQ 3091.57 0.77% 18.67% Up
S&P 500 1408.47 0.81% 12% Down
Russell 2000 830.3 1.67% 12.06% Down
 Best Performing Index
1 Week 13 Weeks 26 Weeks Year-to-Date
Dow Jones
1 %
NASDAQ Composite
12.06 %
Russell 2000
28.9 %
NASDAQ Composite
18.67 %
 Best Performing Industry (by average technical score over each period)
1 Week 3 Weeks 13 Weeks 26 Weeks
Personal Computers Personal Computers Personal Computers Personal Computers
 Most Improved Industry (by change in technical rank2)
Regional Airlines
+ 70
Trucks & Other Vehicles
+ 73
Manufactured Housing
+ 192
Building Materials Wholesale
+ 203
Charts of each industry rank and performance over 12 months are available on the site

1The Market Signal is derived from our proprietary market model. The market model is described on the site.
2The site also shows industry rankings based on fundamentals, combined technical and fundamentals, and on price alone. The site also shows daily industry movements.
 Weekly Breakout Report How confirmed breakouts performed this week
# of Breakouts
Period Average1
Max. Gain During Period2
Gain at Period Close3
This Week 15 26.62 3.75% 0.17%
Last Week 5 25.77 8.92% 4.3%
13 Weeks 264 26.92 11.87%
1The average number of breakouts in each week over the previous 13 weeks.
2This represents the return if each stock were bought at its breakout price and sold at its intraday high.
3This represents the return if each stock were bought at its breakout price and sold at the most recent close.
 Top Breakout Choices Stocks on our Cup-and-Handle list with best expected gain if they breakout
Company Name
Expected Gain1
Best Overall SCLN SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 117
Top Technical SCLN SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 117
Top Fundamental FTK Flotek Industries, Inc. 81
Top Tech. & Fund. FTK Flotek Industries, Inc. 81
1This is the gain predicted by our Expected Gain model if the stock breaks out. Expected Gains for all cup-and-handle stocks are published on our site.
 Top Second Chances Stocks that broke out this week and are still in buyable range
Company Name
Expected Gain1
Best Overall CNO CNO Financial Group, Inc. 87
Top Technical GMAN Gordmans Stores, Inc. 63
Top Fundamental GMAN Gordmans Stores, Inc. 63
Top Tech. & Fund. GMAN Gordmans Stores, Inc. 63
1This is the gain predicted by our Expected Gain model after the stock has broken out which uses the volume on breakout as a predictive term. Because the model variance is +/- 38% the expectation can be negative.

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