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1 month Silver Subscription $19.95
3 month Silver Subscription $54.00 (10% discount)
6 month Silver Subscription $102.00 (15% discount)
12 month Silver Subscription $190.00 (20% discount
1 month Gold Subscription $29.95
3 month Gold Subscription $87.00 (10% discount)
6 month Gold Subscription $153.00 (15% discount)
12 month Gold Subscription $288.00 (20% discount
1 month Platinum Subscription $39.95
3 month Platinum Subscription $108.00 (10% discount)
6 month Platinum Subscription $204.00 (15% discount)
12 month Platinum Subscription $384.00 (20% discount

*CE -> CANTATA Evaluator - Our proprietary stock analyis methodology is an extended version of CANSLIM®. We call it CANTATA meaning: Strong Current earnings, sustained Annual growth, New highs, Technical Analysis and Timing Assistance.